“Spit vs Ramo” Moe Pope & Rain feat. Reks & Dua Boakye [Video]

[Via Bs and 3s]

New Moe Pope x Rain “Spit vs Ramo” Video – featuring Reks and the CCR homie Dua (of the Bad Rabbits).

Moe Pope & Rain release the video for “Spit vs. Ramo” the fourth video off ‘Let The Right Ones In’ (via Brick Records) which features guest vocals from Reks as well as Dua Boyake, the lead front man of Bad Rabbits.

Let The Right Ones In’ is completely sample-free and features guest appearances from an eclectic range of artists including John Robinson, Lady Lamb The Beekeeper, Ceschi and more.  Pope & Rain’s follow up to 2010’s Life After God is “a hip-hop record that revel[s] in both joy and pain, rap and rock and everything in between,” said Martin Caballero of The Boston Globe. “The beats bubble with a seductive underlying tension that blurs the line between the upbeat and the morbid”

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7L7Tthr5mE&feature=youtu.be

(Shot & Edited by Mack Fisher)

MP3 Link: http://www.sharebeast.com/os14mmr2n7hc

‘Let The Right Ones In’ is available in limited edition CD and Vinyl packages, as well as digital formats at:



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