Bitch, Please (20K Compilation) by Flow-Fi

Flow-Fi. Music collective. Independent label. Creative outlet. Family. What began as a means to bring together like-minded, aspiring young producers and musicians has grown to serve a purpose beyond initial expectations. Established in February 2014 by aywy (the man himself), Fortune. (the period is necessary), and Subdaio (the sage) through their love of forward-thinking music and music production, Flow-Fi began as a small collective of dedicated producers.

Eight months and several million plays later, Flow-Fi has grown to become a respected rising independent collective. None of this would’ve been possible without the support of you all, our fans. So as a testament to this milestone, and our continued growth, we present to you, “Bitch, Please”

Now quit bitching and just press play. Kthanx #wethebest

– Chris McClenney

bitch please