JuneLyfe – Black Yashua Prod by DJ Manipulator

via – B’s & 3’s

Almost flew by my thoughts; to Give Thanksss to the Brother DJ Manipulator for providing Us all some Music with gratis of ease

Junelyfe & DJ Manipulator follow Em both

Twitter: DJ Manipulator
Fb: DJ-Manipulator

Twitter: @Junelyfe
Fb: Junelyfe

“Liberating some shit from a while ago. I’m not sure what the plan with this one was gonna be or if it was ever gonna be released but I always thought it was dope.”

If didn’t know Junelyfe is one trio. From your Local Boston Area representing RAP/Hip-Hop & Music

Black YashuaP:S I just google xtraterrest; all I see extraterrestrial life… Junelyfe; “You got some explaining to do” – I love lucy  all we see and read and vibes; come from Life !!!