#NowPlaying MOOD SWINGS EP VOL: 1 We have received good fortune with the arrival of ‘MOOD SWINGS’.  A 6 Track EP.  With features from Chi-town’s very own living ghost Vic Spencer, the collective THE WINNERS which includes Hus Kingpin and SmooVth and we can’t forget the producers like Clypto, Vinyl Villian,Read More →

The Vapors EP by Zion I The Vapors is a 5 song EP celebrating 420. This collection enlists bangers from AmpLive, as well as newcomers to the Zion I sound MkSmth, Knowitall, and Neon Brown. On the mic are featured Fashawn, D.U.S.T., Nump and Povi Tamu. Turn it up andRead More →

via – makebelievehiphop.bandcamp.com Dropped – 2013 of Nov “It has been quite interesting for me to close both eyes and visualizing each sentence with an image created inside my mind. How each track creates it’s own canvas. Each sentence” – LG Digital Album MAKEBELIEVE RECORDS BANDCAMP STREAM OR DOWNLOAD HERE: https://makebelievehiphop.bandcamp.com/album/mission-statement-deluxe-edition (For pressRead More →