Tre Capital – Gundam Pt. 1

Tre Capital – Gundam Pt. 1

Thank you to everybody who helped make Gundam Pt. 1 an amazing experience. I’m bad at Thank You’s so bear with me: Anthony Osei, WondaGurl, Niko Nice, Tyler Henry, Lamar Gary, Tunji, SEVNTHOMAS, Prezident Jeff, Manny Smith, Sean Leon (The whole ixxi family) EESTBOUND, Thomson, J.Boogie, and my nigga Deazy, Jay Mase, Jody Cooper, Geo, Rikki Blu, Nahom, Jordan Evans, Matthew Burnett, Dionte Goodlet, Sunny Norway, Rockie Fresh, Levante, Malik Swift, Divenchi Woods, Ken Rebel, Adrian, Martin Sky, Black Milk, my babygirl Stephanie, and her entire family, Xavi, KR, Taylor, G-Eazy, Kyle, Brandon Bars, A-Dot, Dave Amazin. 2Cams, Vee-Miyagi, Webbie, Max Wonders, LFENT Radio, Anthony Guillermo, Steven Victor, Beewricks, Richard Brooks, Tania Peralta, Sherman, 1 bounce, Phogatti, Nadus, Saafir J, Taylor Ashton, Dylan Petro, C.Justice, Ibn Inglor, Apex Martin, Stwo Beats, Sango, Oxxford, Dev, Nation, Diante, Dshaun, VDF, Craig Jenkins, Ammofr, Redway Blvd, Matt Mogul, Isabel, David May, Moosa, Jimmy, Leven Kali, Louis King, Bryan.

Thank you Complex and everybody else that helped me reach this point. Every blog and DJ, the entire 6, Amsterdam, Chi City, NY, H-Town, Miami. I haven othing but major appreciation for you.

I love you pops. Glad you get see your son shine.

One time – Tre Capital