Tiffany Gouché – Fantasy EP

Tiffany Gouché is just one of those incredible artists who makes nothing but beautiful music. So glad we got hip to her. The Fantasy EP is out officially on July 28 but for now you can preview it on SoundCloud – vibe out and def $upport when it drops.

The Fantasy EP, from the sweet-yet-warmed toned singer, songwriter and producer Tiffany Gouché, emotes the feelings and views of a young adult navigating their love-life in this new millennium. Sonically, the EP finds itself at the intersection of futuristic Soul and R&B with an essence of modern day Hip-Hop. Tiffany’s production on Fantasy, boasting support from likes of Iman Omari and MNDSGN, eloquently blends moody Jazz rifts with chords with hard percussive Hip-Hop beats, which can be seen on the EP’s standout and title track. Gouché infuses her seductive sultry contralto voice to craft a melodic/harmonious vocal landscape that takes listeners on a cosmic journey filled with mystique and wonder. Fantasy now available for iTunes pre-order is sure to ignite passions, excite ears, and soothe the soul.



fantasy ep

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