I have earn my spot and NOW I’m here just letting you! yes you! the listeners, reading this and listening. that you are bless !!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! www.tre-capital.com www.tre-capital.com www.tre-capital.com www.tre-capital.com This is for you Interested in the artist Tre Capital. Doing an interview, talking about hisRead More →

Da Rocinha 3 by Sango Da Rocinha 3 is about keeping the funk roots true and paying homage to the ones that helped start it. I want to respect and show Rocinha in a positive light with this record while staying true to my sound. Mixed & Mastered by SangoRead More →

▶ Soulection ~ The Sound of Tomorrow ▶ facebook.com/soulection | twitter.com/soulection ▶ Discover: @spzrkt @sangobeats ▶ Download the EP: soulection.com/s040-the-hours-spent-loving-you/ Hours Spent Loving You is a summation of how relationships are viewed both earthly and heavenly. This project was created for the people who have deeply supported SPZRKT & Sango. So in return, they feltRead More →

#TBT Free Download: bit.ly/1hGR9gE Sango x Goldlink – “Wassup” Follow Sango @sangobeats twitter.com/SangoBeats www.facebook.com/SangoBeats Follow GoldLink @goldlink twitter.com/GoldLink www.facebook.com/GoldLinkSquaaashRead More →