Global Beat Tape from Phonophanatic:

Progressive producers platform Phonophanatic presents a brand new release: BoxBeats Vol. 2. This is the second installment in the Phonophanatic Boxbeats series. Just as on the first volume, Phonophanatic brings you a broad variety of exclusive, instrumental beats, crafted by a group of young but deadly-talented producers from around the globe.  Check out the whole beat compilation at the Phonophanatic Bandcamp page.

BoxBeats vol. 2

NOTE: Most of the contents of this box are already broken, reversed, sliced up, flipped down, placed out of context and turned inside out.

Photograpy by: Ali Mousavi

Featured producers / tracklist:

1. Fredo (UK) – Forwards
2. Moods (NL) – Flat Pockets
3. Beatsofreen (NL) – Universe
4. deeB (NL) – About the Island
5. Violent Public Disorderaz (BG) – In a Jazzymental Mood
6. Losco (BE) – Shifting Grounds
7. Kromozone (NL) – G Dedicated
8. Simibz (JP) – Agawa
9. Lie Manatik (NL) – Summer
10. Banda (NL) – Fazed
11. Ribbonmouthrabbit (HU) – Planets (feat. Kovacs)
12. DJ Mentos (USA) – The Difference
13. Delano (NL) – Traces of Habits
14. crL (NL) – My Mistake
15. Cise2 (IL) – Box Full Of Thoughts
16. Kando7 (NL) – Devolution
17. Cafe aka DM (BR) – Irmão Emilio
18. Chamon (NL) – Some Day