Dope video from Morgan outta DC – “Another Day” – fux with this.

Directed by Cool Kids Forever Films

Meet MORGAN, indie hip hop artist from the nations capitol, Washington, D.C. Described as “the official representation of authentic Hip Hop for a new era,” MORGAN is electric, mesmerizing, and maintains the belief that music must always contain a message. This multi-talent, (she writes and records her own music, plays a number of instruments, including the drums and saxophone, has dabbled in producing, and is a degreed videographer), aspires to inspire the masses through smart lyricism, while not forsaking the relevancy of catchy, hard knocking beats.

This song “Another Day” is a track off of a project titled B.S.N.W.H. (BullSh!t Nobody Wana Hear) which can be found here:

For those who struggle, working hard to make the ends meet, and even harder to pursue “pipe dreams.” For the ones who are drowning in sorrow, trying to see tomorrow, who think about how like is fogged up with sleepy hollows. Not only does this summarize the lyrics to indie Hip Hop artist MORGAN’s latest single, but it signifies the passion behind the hustle, and pinpoints the audience this dedicated lyricist represents. Directed by Cool Kids Forever Films, created by rapper & visionary Tabi Bonney in Washington, D.C., here’s the new visual for MORGAN’s single, “Another Day,” her latest release, and one of her most heartfelt numbers to date. Shining a light on homelessness and poverty, two overflowing, yet overlooked issues in the nations capital where she resides, the aesthetic approach accentuates the glitz and glamour of the fast life, while MORGAN debuts her acting skills, playing the role of the forgotten members of society, too impoverished to pursue the “American dream.” With hopes of imparting awareness and a sense of steadfastness into the souls of the people, MORGAN brings keen lyricism and insightful empathy together on “Another Day,” reminding us that if we believe beyond disappointment and try beyond failure, “another day” and “one day” will inevitably become “THE day” – the one that we are all hoping, praying, reaching and fighting for – the one where all of our hard work, sleepless nights, and perseverance finally pays off.

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Another Day