Is Nas Your Old Droog? – Who Cares?

I arrived home Friday to hear the new project by Your Old Droog or Nas as the internet reported at that time. Nas is the subject of some debate in my house so I was intrigued. The project in question ‘YOUR OLD DROOG EP‘ is dope as a listener.

old droog ep

On to the subject of the artist behind the work. Hypetrack was one of the first places I saw reporting Droog as a Nas alter-ego however no sources were provided. But this being the internet sources are not required and rarely checked. The article has since been removed.

Now the big reputable blog people have changed their minds. OKP, Complex, NahRight EgoTrip etc. Have unmasked Droog as a kid from Coney Island.


Not Nas.

Now the internet rages. “How could anyone think this was Nas, the sound nothing alike!” Is the Illuminati blogosphere assisting Gods Son in the greatest troll of all time? Is it the Action Bronsen affect repeated when everyone thought the rap ghost of Ghostface had transmigrated to the next career assuming the form of a fat white dude with a beard?

Do we care? Not especially. The Droog album is dope. Whoever made it we thank you. If there’s ever a Droog show I might try to go discern for myself. But I honestly don’t even want to go searching on youtube for live performance or recording or music videos to figure it out. I just want to go back to bumping this shit and drawing.



Def Not Nas. Still dope.