HiFadility, one of Boston’s artists, blessed us with “The Queens” EP last month with art work done by Ryan Schaefer of SNDBVX. Take a listen, it’s R&B and Hip Hop for the soul. Each track features a female vocalist from the 90s, and we appreciate each record for its melodic internet trap sound. The piano and other instruments that HiFadility laid down beautifully compliments the voice of each singer.

I do wonder about the concepts behind the tracks because they are so interesting sounding. ‘Say Love’ has various pitched voices calling from what seems like the dark depths of someone’s soul; ‘Steelo’ hits hard and also has a phsychedellic break; ‘Weak’ brings us through an fun and intensive time warp, and that is just to list a few. HiFadility goes really deep with the Lauryn Hill intro ‘On Unconditional Love’ and the Alice Walker interlude ‘On Being With Her’, including his signature speeches to take the chance to speak to his audience. So, what are you waiting for? Go check it out for yourself and make sure to follow @iamHiFadility on twitter, instagram, tumblr and soundcloud, if you don’t already.

The 90’s, a time of racial conflict, economic turmoil, war, quite similar to what the Globe is experiencing today. Still some were able to express their voice no matter the circumstance, many times risking their own lives, doing all they could to express their belief that the world could be a beautiful existence for all. The voices of generations singing together, a song of freedom and liberty that is true and accessible to all.

So many examples, testimonies of those that transcended the obstacles laid before them and placed bridges there that others may also find their way. Many thanks to those who paved the way that others may walk it.