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Avenue | Before The Vomit (Remix) |

via – http://bsand3s.com/bostonhiphop/2016/12/avenue-before-the-vomit-remix/ PUBLIC HOUSIN 2016

Tef Poe – Message To Macklemore (#52weeks)#WEEK5

Article Via – http://www.colorlines.com/articles/tef-poe-why-hes-taking-aim-white-privilege-ii-message-macklemore The day after Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance shocked the nation, rapper Tef Poe releases “Message to Macklemore”, a powerful freestyle responding to the Macklemore’s latest offering,…

GEOTHEORY | Geotheory & Chill |

Just face the facts you are a beautiful person you have a bright soul and care. So do us a favor and listen.