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Freddie Gibbs & Ski Beatz – The World Is My Ashtray

The World Is My Motha*** Ashtray thought we forgot … nah


via – https://soundcloud.com/glassanimals/losecontrol So excited to share this new track with you all…got into the studio with our friend joey for this one and ended up working together over night…

Frank The Butcher ft. Killer Mike -‘Eat What You Kill (EWYK)’

A Side to ‘Eat What You Kill’ Promo 45 Produced by: Frank The Butcher for B A U E W Y K Cuts By: Dj 7L Mixed by: Juss Lu…

Epidemic – One Life (Scratches by Dixie) (Produced by Esco)

Epidemic’s “One Life” is the second single from their junior album “Somethin’ For Tha Listeners.” It is considered by them to be the climax of the album and exhibits a…

The Vapors EP by Zion I

The Vapors EP by Zion I The Vapors is a 5 song EP celebrating 420. This collection enlists bangers from AmpLive, as well as newcomers to the Zion I sound…

Miguel ~ Waves ft. Travis Scott

Video: bit.ly/1M1FO5n Hit the like button prod. by Cash Dillon

Incredibly Illegal from Pig Pen

 Went on a walk down to the mean streets with this tape listening and I enjoyed the walk and so I realized I’m alive Incredibly Illegal by Pig Pen