CRAZY new visuals from Quelle Chris. Everyone could get like Obamacare… From the Quelle Chris album “Guns” Quelle says, “Obamacare came together just as organically as everything else on Guns. I’d been sitting on a few arrangements of two samples for a couple months. While in Oakland I wasRead More →

Some singles from that new Quelle Chris album ‘Guns’ set to drop at the end of the month. Via Mello Music Group. Lets go! From the album “Guns” by Quelle Chris Quelle Chris joins Cavalier, Bilal Salaam, Grammy Nominated pianist Eldar Djangirov, and comedian James Acaster for the beautiful skywardRead More →

The personafied gun / bullet is something of common motif in Hip-Hop but no one does it like Pharoahe Monch. “Damage” is third part of his Bullet Triollogoy following “When the Gun Draws” off of Desire and “Stray Bullet,” a pioneering track from the Organized Konfusion days. This drop off of Pharoe’sRead More →