Iman Europe – Caterpillar

Woke up to this. Word. If you’re not hip to Iman Europe‘s work stop playing yourself. This has a different yet equally dope sound and feel than her last two projects with a rougher, colder vibe that is much better described by the artist herself:

If you’ve never experienced any kind of struggle or breaking point in your life, you will not fuck with this project. This project is based on the Generation Y creative who dreams higher than they can reach, who wants more than they can handle, who is learning and hurting, yet pursuing. This project is the reality of our uncomfortable placement in the world right now; our limbo, our in-between, our cocoon.

Often times we dream of what we want without considering how much sacrifice it takes. I wanted to leave Cali and renew. I became desensitized by the overly dramatic people, sunshine and forced smiles. But New York was cold, and it changed me. It sucked all the sweetness from my soul fruit. Now, all that remains is faith in God and hope for a brighter day.

I know my wings are coming, and I’m faithful. I know it’s not for nothing, so I’m hopeful. But I can’t lie— it’s hard out here, my nigga.


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Iman Europe