HiFadility – The Gateway EP

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HiFadility - The Gateway EP
The Gateway EP
by HiFadility

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The Gateway
HiFadility is pleased to present The Gateway. Representative of the portal a traveler passes through before a journey, the Gateway is an introduction to the laid-back vibe and direction of the The Traveler, HiFadility’s full length project slated to come out in early May.
The Gateway symbolically opens a space for the traveler that allows for emotional movement. Evolving past older methods of production and thought processes, The Gateway sonically provides support for moving ideas and emotions. So, after you, lead the way in entering the gateway….
About the Artist
HiFadility is an urban intellectual, producer, and jazz pianist committed to hip-hop and reviving cultural inspiration. Philosophical thought and the sounds of his Quisqueya ancestry have an extreme impact on the way HiFadility hears and creates his self-composed cerebral beats. He is influenced by the likes of quintessential hip-hop producers Pete Rock, DJ Premier, 9th Wonder, and the jazz greats, Miles Davis, Theolonius Monk, and Duke Ellington.
Using a combination of various harmonies and rhythmic patterns, HiFadility seeks a place among the greatest musicians. Creating a whimsical and laid back sound that touches the soul like J-Dilla’s , HiFadility’s chill instrumentals tell a story with imaginative process reminiscent of André 3000 and Big Boi’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. Stay tuned for his new upcoming LP, The Traveler in Early May.
HiFadility is from nowhere as well as being a citizen of the world, follow for what is sure to be some dope fire


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HiFadility - The Gateway EP