GO! Nobodies Story [The Famous Nobodies Documentary]

Amalgam Digital & Famous Nobodies Present

A Photobyd production

“GO! Nobodies Story”

A short film documenting the lives of three individuals, Real Politikz, Dutch ReBelle, and Chris Brook. The collection known as the Famous Nobodies.

See the early beginnings of New England’s premiere hip-hop group, how it all started, and what took to change the underground hip-hop culture of a city.


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P.S. I love you Dutch Rebelle!!
-Sincerely, Catch!! (call me baby!)

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Catch Wreck is a Boston Based Hip-Hop Artist, Rockstar via Sweatshop, Editor for Grassroots Grind, B's and 3's and Blackstonian and the Director of Marketing for Scope Urban Apparel. Onions make him cry. FOLLOW: Twitter | Tumblr | Facebook | YouTube