Catch Wreck – Is He Ill?

“On Saturday, April 13, myself and friends of mine filmed a video for a song I recorded two years ago called ‘Is He Ill?’ We filmed and cut this video days before the horrific events during the Boston Marathon took place. Naturally, while watching everything unfold we had a difficult decision to make in terms of releasing this and how people may receive it. We decided we wanted to release it in the spirit of uplifting our city. Despite all of the horrific images we are being bombarded with, let us not forget how to have fun and enjoy our city. My deepest condolences go out to the victims and the families of everyone who’s suffered as a result of the horrible events of the past week. Coming from a city as strong and resilient as Boston I know better then to let terrorism prevent us from releasing our art. Hopefully we can all laugh and enjoy this after a tense week.”

– Catch Wreck

Catch Wreck

Video directed by Rene Dongo | Dongoson Films

Cool Collective Reps | CCRMG

Scope Urban Apparel

Grassroots Grind Group | GGG

Special thanks to Tina, Leedz. Blizz, Sirae, Lifes Good, Jake, Jonas and the people of Boston.

Catch Wreck - Is He Ill?

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Lifes Good is a student, writer, poet, and full-time hip-hop head and more so beat head. He lives in Boston and is a contributor to and Hip-Hop 4 Black Unity. FOLLOW: Twitter | Tumblr