A$ton Matthews – Versace Ragz (Mixtape)

#NOWPLAYING; I Love the Music A$ton Mattews is putting forth and he’s from Long Beach, but yeah He’s finally released his newest project “Versace Ragz” for us all to Hear.
So Download And listen … fast because the link might be gone so hurry .

“VERSACE RAGZ”. Matthews delivers raw sound, scratchy flow and energetic emphasis that “will” bring you to a whole new
perspective of the depths of Hip-Hop. He’s re-doing the image of gangsta rap, but by his own way. At times you feel like your trapped in a torture room with him, at other times you’re catching a drive-by, or doing hard drugs flailing around. In any event, your fuckin shit up and learning knew tricks. This is some violent work.

He’s worked with Bodega Bamz, Vince $taples, A$AP ANT, etc. etc. Keep on the lookout for more music from the man. He’s doing a remix with ANT for his song “Hannah Montana” (on this tape), that you should keep your wig, I mean eyes, peeled for.