All Night Long Remix (prod. by Onra for Skull Candy European Music Series) – Dion J aka GreyScale

Produced by Onra & Walter Mecca for Skullcandy’s European Music Series
Lyrics written by Dion Marsman


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*You ready?

I’m Ready

*Ahhh Yeaaa

Uhh Huhh


Steppin’ on the scene
Tryna find another way
To end good day

Figure imma holla at my DJ

Tell him pop this tape in press play
Breakers going crazy
This the song they been waitin on
Put it on


If you wanna grab a hand hit the dance floor


Off if its that deep
Be a man tho


If the cops come
They aint gittin none of one
He couldnt catch a dude
Pigs hooves too cumbersome

Beantown supreme sound

Wild out
And laugh at an out of towner
Tryna figa me out
They trippin over the flavor
I got em all sprawled out
The record gon keep spinnin til
Yall all ball out

So have a ball

Take a bottle off a wall
Me im chillin in the corner
Sippin on a cream stout
Got my eyes on a lady
Like a cartoon poked out

Cuz she so fly

Couldnt let her just walk on by
No doubt
The freshmaker
Mentos aint shit
Ghettoblasters back
Its fully equip
My tweeters bang about a block
Or two
Im rocking got the flow down pack

Non stop

Them cats know where we at

We on top

And the city on lock
Its a union
From bosstown
All the way out to paris
Headmaster style
Shout to doc harris
Preacher like creflo
Superstar status

I dont need that

If i give a warning
Better heed that
Listen to a wordsmith

Lyrics i bleed that

The party rockin thru to 7 oclock
R&B is next door
This is the Hiphop spot
Not pop
Nah this aint no top 40 club

So hold on to yo shorty thug

Cuz everybody in the building got style and show love
And even if she wanna turn me down
Then so wat
See this is my show
And she aint pullin no plug
Never could bite a bullet
Wont stop for no slug

(See now she walkin over tryna press me up
She wanna dance
Now that she can im fresh)

Im like

*Show me what you got

Uh huh talkin all that stuff
And gave it all
It just wasnt enough
You couldnt measure up
At least thas wat i tol her
Gotta play it cool smoov keep my composure
Really i just wanna be alone witcha
Take you home
Recite a few poems
And maybe a dog
Can get a bone
But i aint gon tell her that
Cuz its not my main objective
Im tryna git to know you
See if my games effective


My crews in here the whole damn collective


They want the honeys and money both respective

Wild for the night

Like im up in Chamber 7
Sendin these emcees to heaven
Its a line around the corner
Everybody wants in
Its a party goinzon
Jumpin off around 11

Where my people at

Every creed and color
See we aint leavin
Till the cops stop thru
Word to mutha

Lets make the party hot

Tonight lets blow up the spot
Anybody tryna start something
Bound to git caught up quick
Ill bring a brother up to speed
Try to tell him bout the world that we livin in a dealing wit
But he aint tryna hear it he just wanna party harder

First cat gassed up

I turn to firestarter
No problem
Burn a lake of fire
Absolve em
And if he act foul
Red card em

Gimme the beat
And i promise you ill deliver the heat
Jus promise me you’ll put this one on repeat

It just speaks to me

Tellin me ayo D
You should never let go
This is for the listeners
Lets take em to another level
Give em somethin they can level wit
Somethin theyll never let go of


Heres my heart
Its one of a kind
D evils wanna tamper wit it
He never settle
Til it pop like a kernel hot and fresh up out a kettle

Till that time

Imma show stopper
Heavy metal rocker
Wack eviserator
On stage doin Opera
Listen in the middle
Its a riddle like Hoffa
I couldnt tell you if it’ll ever stop
And ima professional so the ball will never drop
Im just here to provide like poppa

Feel free to call me that

In your radio station wit a hammer and a ski mask
Cooperate and it aint gotta be like that
So cut the fake hiphop
And let some real shit play
Till the next song i promise ima be right back
And im out